OCEANROAMERS manages the European (BE) IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS non profit organization.
We are headquartered in Port Sudan, where we are spearheading, marine conservation & sustainable development programs in the Red Sea. And overseeing the development of the RSMA|ERC project, we manage for the Red Sea University. For additional information, don't hesitate to reach out to us, via our contact page.
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To roam[ rohm ] 
" To roam the the vastness of the Oceans. noun an act or instance of ocean roaming; a ramble."
Celebrating 30 years of passion, idealism, adventure and respect for nature. 
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As the founder of the dive professionals network, I blog/vlog and discuss issues pertinent to the diving industry at large 

"...The Go Blue Initiative is not just about mindless protection, writing laws and never ending complaints about governmental and non-governmental agencies. 

The Go Blue initiative is about LEARNING - DISCOVERING - PROTECTING TOGETHER, not just in words but in deeds." - THEOCEANROAMER 2017