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House Reef - Biodiversity restoration project started

The House Reef fringing, the Red Sea Marine Academy | Experimental Research Center, is a perfect testing ground for our biodiversity restoration project. With many impacts, such as heat, pollution, siltation and derived effects, the challenge is immense, the daily stress on the fauna and flora is palpable...

THEOCEANROAMER to start training, of the Sudan Wildlife Conservation General Administration (WCGA) Rangers

THEOCEANROAMER first implemented marine training, to the Sudan Wildlife Conservation General Administration (WCGA), Marine Parks Rangers in 2006. The program at the time was intended to ensure safety during maritime tasks, the rangers have to perform. Due to circumstances, out of our control, the program at the time was discontinued; to never be implemented again; that is until today. 

OR to assist in the project management, and development of the Red Sea University's, Marine Sciences and Fisheries faculty, in Port Sudan

OCEANROAMERS leader in Red Sea, marine projects development, and management; under it's #OPREDSEA missions and concepts to coach, and help educational development in the Sudan. Entered into a long term agreement with the Red Sea University (RSU), in Port Sudan. Intent of the cooperation is to assist in the development of the Marine Sciences and Fisheries faculty.