To ocean roam[ rohm ] / noun an act or instance of ocean roaming; drifting, a ramble. "To roam the vastness of the Oceans." - "Come and roam with me, to the atolls of Sudan's Red Sea, where the Ocean Roamers and I, will wait for thee."


Off/On Property executive business consulting for diving, marine, environmental and tourism projects.

Idea's Development

Concepts, idea's and projects a place and time we know all too well. Let me help you get your project off to a flying start, with a sound structure for the future to be built upon.


Management Consulting

I provide executives, and S.M.B owners with the information they need to launch, restructure or simply relaunch good idea's that weathered down over time.

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Online and Offline Marketing

Since 2003 under the pseudo #DTWC Dive The Web Creations we have been offering web development and web hosting services for S.M.B's.