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J.Y. Cousteau - Famous Quotes


"The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever."

Never before and since (with exception of BBC2's - Blue Planet's Sir David Attenborough) has one man been so influential as the late Commandant Cousteau in taking us onto his exploration voyages around the Sea's and Oceans of the world. He has shown the intricate secrets of the Oceans to millions, if not billions and still does till today.

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Is this the end of Reefs, is conservation doomed?


As a marine professional since the late 80's I have been privileged to work in remote locations with amazing aquatic flora and fauna... but lately my heart weeps every time I go into the water.

Diving in remote locations of the Red Sea or now more recently in the Caribbean where it all started for me, I discover underwater deserts where there once was thriving eco systems. Each time I do my best to understand the reasons behind it, and why o why conservation efforts fail.

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