The shift towards Social Entrepreneurship, emerged gradually; but saw its inception after our first projects in Sudan (2005). When faced with the reality of truth, and witnessing first hand the impacts, we have as marine tourism entrepreneurs on the Oceans. Over the years, as our idealism and concern for the aquatic environment grew; the resources and devotion to our ideals, also grew proportionately. 2022... the transformation to social entrepreneurship is now complete, with the implementation of #OPREDSEA.

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Fostering Sustainable Development in Sudan OPREDSEA

"Providing logistical, financial and consultative development aid, to both governmental and non - governmental organizations; in their missions to sustainably develop, and protect the Sudanese Red Sea Marine resources; for the benefit of nature and it's coastal communities."


Classification: Marine Education & Experimental Research
Type: Education | Scientific Research
Current Status: P1 Essentials


Development: TheOceanRoamer
Management: Prof. Sheikheldin El Amin | RSMA | OCEANROAMERS
Partner(s): IADP | GOBLU3

Protecting the Sudanese Marine Park Reefs, of further destruction, due to unsustainable mooring practices, by visiting vessels. But also protecting other popular reefs outside of the parks, such as Shaab Rumi Atoll, a historical site for divers around the world.

"2022, the year we stopped  destroying, the reefs of Sudan."

Classification: Marine Conservation
Type: Non Profit Project
Current Status: P1 Development


Development: TheOceanRoamer
Management: Prof. Sheikheldin Elamin | OCEANROAMERS
Partner(s): IADP | GOBLU3

Marine Biodiversity Restoration logo"Rising sea temperatures and seasonal temperature spikes, are threatening the more fragile coral types of Sudan's pristine shore lines. What was a once or twice in a decade occurrence, has now turned into a deadly yearly event, of bleaching and algae blooms. During these bleaching events, temperatures can top 35°C (95°F)". 

"Saving the Past and Future of Sudan's Red Sea Aquaculture."

Classification: Biodiversity Restoration - Monitoring
Type: Non Profit Project
Current Status: P1 Research
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3 programs developed by TheOceanRoamer, that are making history. With decades of nurturing, they migrated from virtual idea's to reality.
With a large fan following, the IADP and it's environmental arm GOBLU3, are making waves this year, for professional divers worldwide. But we also lead by example, spearheading marine conservation efforts in Sudan, with #OPREDSEA.


The International Association of Dive Professionals, a non profit in formation. Working for the benefit of professional divers worldwide.



Empower the Dive Industry professionals, to partake in a green-blue revolution, by offering them the necessary training programs; to enforce direct action.



Sustainably develop, and protect the Sudanese Red Sea Marine resources for the benefit of nature and it's coastal communities.