Would you like a non nonsense approach, of deeds rather than words? Together we can change the Tide. Your support, is irremediably needed, for us to achieve our goals. Contemplate supporting our team on the ground, with a donation.

Support my work

Since 2007, I spend 2/3 rd of my resources, in non profit projects. Gradually moving away from a purely '4 Business' Executive consultant, towards becoming a Socially, Environmentally responsible entrepreneur.

The pursuit of happiness for me, does not lie in materialism. 
Being a non conformist, and since my moving away from the main stream business making. Financial resources, have been low for decades. Help me continuing on this idealist path, by supporting my work.

Where does your money go?

Salaries, Transportation, lodging of 3 volunteers.
Including the various personal/professional insurances that come with a hazardous job like ours. It also includes the professional gear (that wears out quickly, under the harsh conditions I operate in). This professional gear, and insurances also ensure the safety for my dive team and myself, while working underwater and on land.
All excess funds received here, on this page will be transferred to the IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS to support their non profit work, and OPREDSEA21.

Why Donate? Will your funds be put to good use?

Are you like myself come to the conclusion, that traditional conservation efforts are failing? And that it is time to step up and evolve? Well there's your answer. I vouch to keep you updated of my non-conformist and on the ground approach. Your funds will be handled with transparency, and will enable me to finance a team, there and then; active on the ground with direct, and consistent results; of which we will obviously keep you abreast through our updates.

How to donate?

Donating takes only a few minutes and clicks, child's play basically.
Any and all financial donations are welcome!
Large one time donations are a blessing, but you might want to contemplate a smaller regular/monthly donation.

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