Only with your continued support, can we achieve our #opredsea missions, and elevate professional education for the Port Sudan Diving & Scientific community. Your donations, will enable us to purchase tools and spares, to further develop the RSMA | ERC project and provide maintenance support to the Marine Parks. Together we can expand our support in training and management to the WCGA - Sudan Marine Park Rangers. And finally with your help, we can keep developing our activism projects, create curriculums, run our biodiversity restoration projects, continue cleaning the Port Sudan waterways... and so much more!


Our social entrepreneurship & activism is only made possible with the dedicated support of our fans, and followers. While we usually manage the thin line, between business making, and activism. The recent political situation in Sudan, since summer 2021, on top of the covid pandemic, have currently wiped out any viable commercial income, to support our work in Port Sudan. We hope to be able to receive, grants and funding soon. However currently we are entirely reliant on the goodwill of partners, friends, fans and followers. 

Will your funds be put to good use?

We take the trust you put in our team, vision and projects very seriously; and strive to be fully transparent to our donors. Quarterly reports are sent out to all donors, depicting our project reports, failures, successes, and team achievements. These reports, also include our project(s) financial statements.
If you have queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

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