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"Would you like a non nonsense approach, of deeds rather than words? Together we can change the Tide. Your support, is irremediably needed, for us to achieve our goals. Contemplate supporting our team on the ground, with a donation."
Due to the current crisis in Sudan, we seriously need your help more than ever, to keep our invaluable work in Sudan's Red Sea running smoothly.

Please contemplate a donation to support our efforts.

Why Donate?

Your donations, will contribute to the continuous fueling of our idealism. It means supporting direct action, by our teams of staff members and volunteers, on the ground in Sudan, but also online across the globe.
All funds collected are destined, towards the management and operation, of the following project categories:

    "Providing logistical, financial and consultative development aid, to both governmental and non - governmental organizations; in their missions to sustainably develop, and protect the Sudanese Red Sea Marine resources for the benefit of nature and it's coastal communities."
    Click here, for an overview of our non profit projects in Sudan.
    "The International Association of Dive Professionals aims to unite, create a positive impact on the environment and restore balance.
    Ultimately aiming for recognition of trade, participation in the decision-making and creating a safe, long term profitable and safe environment for its members, regardless of which sector they are operating in."
    Click here, for more information on the IADP non profit project.
  • GOBLU3:
    "Creating an economically and environmentally sustainable future. Re-establishing balance to a healthy Oceanic biosphere.
    No Blue - No Green"
    Click here, to GOBLU3.

Please contact us for donations >250€, or if you are interested in a corporate partnership/sponsorship to support this project.

Will your funds be put to good use?

We take the trust you put in our team, vision and projects very seriously; and strive to be fully transparent to our donors. Quarterly reports are sent out to all donors, depicting our project reports, failures and successes, and team achievements. These reports, also include our project(s) financial statements. If you have queries, don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime.

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