A major milestone! Both the IADP and GOBLU3 projects have left the Matrix

Press Release: The International Association of Dive Professionals is now officially a non profit organization. This is a major milestone, for the further development of our marine education and conservation work, in The Red Sea.

Dear Friends, colleagues, partners and loyal supporters

It is with great pleasure I announce the turning of an important page in our story.

Some of you know that #OPREDSEA is actually the embodiment, or rather physical result of work I started in 2006, while working in a tent on the shorelines of Sudan. During which time I devised both the IADP -DIVE PROFESIONALS organization, and it’s subordinate GOBLU3 (Marine Ecology) concept.

iadp"Vis Unita Fortior - Strength United is Stronger"

Due to personal circumstances, both the above concepts could not be implemented, prior to mid 2020.
Honestly they were stalling for a few years. They needed this last push from the Virtual Matrix in my mind, into reality. And this last push was #OPREDSEA, and no place better, but also more difficult to implement it, than in Sudan and this during a major crisis (Why make it easy on yourself). 

On the 25th April 2022 at Midnight, together with the invaluable help of our volunteers in Belgium, Germany, the Maldives, The US,... ; the International Association of Dive Professionals, saw it's inception as a non profit organization (VZW/ASBL)  into the Crossroad Bank of Enterprises, of the Belgian Ministry of Economy. Click here to view our entry.
The last puzzle piece is now in place, and it now opens the door to pursue our IADP Mission.

#OPREDSEA was unanimously endorsed by the General Assembly and it's Board of Directors. All fundraising will as of today, be handled by the IADP - DIVE PROFESIONALS Non Profit organization. 

OCEANROAMERS will continue to represent the interests of the association in the EMEA region. But also continue manage some aspects of the association under the supervision of the Board of Directors.

Of course we will now work with redoubled effort on #OPREDSEA's mission in the Red Sea, continue implement marine training projects for the Red Sea University, the WCGA Marine Park Rangers, but also our marine conservation and biodiversity restoration projects, such as The Vault and the RSMA|ERC; will now hopefully get the funding they deserve, to start and fulfill their important missions in the Red Sea State of Sudan.

"I congratulate the Board of Directors, and the General Assembly of IADP members and volunteers, for this important milestone. I look forward with working with this amazing team of people in the future, and start changing the world!" - TheOceanRoamer

"Your Future is Created by What You do Today, not tomorrow."

On another note!
We need financial support, you can still donate to us here at OCEANROAMERS directly, all funds are communicated to the IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS for accountability, and transparency purposes. We are thankful for any and all donations!

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