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Tired of a shallow Existence? Time for some Depth in Your Life?
"Come and roam with me, to the atolls of Sudan's Red Sea, where the Ocean Roamers and I, will wait for thee."
Let the Sea set You Free!

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Henri Hemmerechts aka THEOCEANROAMER© stands for non-conformism, idealism, professionalism, a strong sense of social and environmental duty. A mariner, since his early teens, growing up on the shorelines of the North Sea.

He is a seasoned executive business consultant, speaks 8 languages, a few dialects. An experienced professional diver, and a commercial coastal captain.
Platinum Pro 5000 award recipient in 2010. He has recently celebrated 30 years of professional diving.

He is an outspoken, no-nonsense professional. Respected by his peers and veterans in the Red Sea.
Recently he has decided to dedicate his entire efforts, time and resources to the protection, and sustainable development of Sudan’s Red Sea shorelines.
Besides this he continues to dedicate his time, as the Interim Director of the nonprofit projects IADP – DIVE PROFESSIONALS | GOBLU3. Projects he is spearheading for 14 years.
Under various online aliases such as THEOCEANROAMER | DIVE PROFESSIONALS | THEDIVEPRO; he manages social media networks upwards of 50,000 followers and coordinates the efforts of 20+ likeminded, driven volunteers.