“Somewhere along the way, we lost something very important…
Our belief in the Sea, as a source of prosperity”
We need a socio-economic approach, where the Sea, becomes a respected provider.

Fundraising Campaigns

  • Sudan Mooring Project

    Protecting the Sudanese Marine Park Reefs, of further destruction, due to unsustainable mooring practices, by visiting vessels.
    But also protecting other popular reefs outside of the parks, such as Shaab Rumi Atoll, a historical site for divers around the world.

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    This project is run by the IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS | GOBLU3. It involves:

    GOBLU3 Biodiversity Restoration & Mapping - Monitoring | Red Sea | Implementation PHASE 1
    Biodiversity Restoration & Red Sea Vault Project - Port Sudan - Wingate - Sanganeb - Shaab Rumi | phase 1 (of 5) - 3 months
    More information on this project, click here.

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  • RSMA | ERC

    The Red Sea University's, Faculty of Marine Sciences & Fisheries; is the pillar of marine education, and scientific research in the wider region. Underfunded over the last 3 decades, the facilities are in disrepair.

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22 January 2022
Live Streams
A 'Ghawaga' in KtownLatest updates from my trip 2 Khartoum.But also news on our nonprofit projects:#OPREDSEA, IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS, GOBLU3, RSMA|ERCI'll also make an announcement! Join my @TheOceanRoamer's live stream, and don't hesitate to ask ...
09 October 2021
Last week saw the first week, of the training for the Sudan Marine Park Rangers. 3 executive officers, a soldier and a SUDIA representative, are taking part in this course, which is held at the RSMA | ERC location, in the Harbour of Port Sudan. This ...
25 July 2021
THEOCEANROAMER was recently chosen to consult and teach the marine park rangers of the Sudan. During our meeting with the WCGA Executive officers, under the leadership of Brigadier Adel, we discussed various scheduling possibilities. Furthermore we a...