We live underwater (Biorock Coral Reef Restoration)


World travellers, divers and filmmakers of The Jetlagged are setting out to give threatened coral ecosystems a new chance: They build an artificial reef on a Indonesian island paradise with heavily damaged corals. The Biorock structure will be equipped with a special feature: Electricity. This has proven to give corals super powers - enhancing growth and health with astonishing success.
6 months later, The Jetlagged come back to check out the progress on their reefโ€ฆ

Innovation Award - 2016 San Francisco International Ocean Film Festival
Best Direction - 2015 Silently 3 (Short Underwater Movie Festival)
Best Theme - Kolkotta International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival
Prize of the Main Advertising Partner Effectivity POWERED BY PUBLICS - 2016 Ekotopfilm โ€“ Envirofilm

Official Selection:
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, New York / USA, 2015
19th International Underwater Film Festival, Belgrade / Serbia, 2015
Our world underwater, Lone Star State & Chicago / USA, 2015
Wild Film Fest, Falmouth / UK, 2016
Vaasa Wildlife Festival, Vaasa / Finland, 2016 - Nominated for Special Award for Underwater

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