Social Media Group Spawns Ocean Conservation Album

Nineteen-year-old Maiah Wynne is taking the world by tidal wave.

Nineteen-year-old Maiah Wynne – an award-winning singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and actress based in Portland, OR, is one of the 15 Sirens featured on the collaborative album. A prolific songwriter (100 songs), she writes songs about anything from politics to feminism to heartbreak. Her music has been featured in over nine different films, and her charm and musicianship has led to packed audiences.across the northwest. SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: Why did you get involved with the Songs for the Sea project? Maiah: The biggest and overarching reason was the idea that we were making something that would impact the world. We definitely aren’t the dedicated scientists who are doing the research out in the freezing cold, because those people are the true heroes of this story. But, we are the people standing behind those activists and scientists saying, ‘what you are doing is amazing, we support you – how can we help’? SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: How big of an impact do you feel you will make? Maiah: I think the more people we can get to support these organizations, the bigger impact they will be able to make, and everyone who contributes will be able to say that they helped bring some hope back into the world. SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: Where did your passion for this cause stem from? Maiah: Having spent my later teenage years in Montana, I was surrounded by nature. I feel deeply connected to it, and I feel this overwhelming responsibility to protect it. As a human being, I also feel connected to all the other people on this planet, and consequentially feel a collective shame for the damage we have done to this planet. I want to do something good. I want to make a positive difference. With this project, I can finally give something back. SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: Tell our readers a little bit about your song contribution to the album, A Sirens Song? Maiah: I wanted this song to emulate the feeling of being surrounded by water, beautiful fish, coral, and rocks. I wanted to recreate the feeling I had when a family of deer looked into my eyes from three feet away – the feeling of hiking to the top of a mountain, surrounded by trees and plants and earth. I wanted it to remind whoever was listening of their most meaningful moment in nature. And I wanted it to feel magical, beautiful and free. SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: What’s the story behind the lyric video’s exquisite photos? Maiah: I reached out to wild life photographer Garry Henkel, who’s photos I had seen on instagram. His pictures are absolutely stunning and include some incredible snap shots of whales, bears, eagles, and other wildlife. I asked if he would be interested in contributing some of his photos to the lyric video and not only did he say yes, he contributed all the photos and video for free. Garry is a strong wildlife advocate himself. He connected with the message behind the song and project, and was happy to help contribute to something that was helping the ocean. SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: Your publicist from Women’s Crush* says that you and Garry forged an incredible connection as a result of your reaching out. Maiah: Yes. He was kind and generous from the very first time I talked to him on the phone. For a living, he takes people on wildlife adventure tours through Canada to see whales and other incredible animals in the area. I am planning on taking a trip up there soon to go sing for the whales! Much like the other sirens on this project, we became friends through our shared love of music, nature and desire to make a difference.

SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: You seem very astute for only being 19. Tell us a bit more about your thoughts on ocean conservation.

Maiah: The Oceans contain 99% of the living space on Earth, and less than 5% of the world’s oceans have been explored. There is so much we still don’t know about our planet, yet we as people are creating a lasting negative impact on the ocean through oil and chemical spills, garbage and plastic contamination, and our influence on climate change. Knowledge is the key to protecting life on this planet (including our own), and by supporting research organizations dedicated to these causes, we can make a difference.

SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: Tell our readers the best way to contribute to the project?

Maiah: The best way to support the project is to order the physical album through the Songs for the Sea website: Depending on how much money we raise, we would like to be able to support more than one organization with this project. The more we raise, the more organizations we can support.

SOCIALLY SPARKED NEWS: Would you delve into another collaborative project again for social change?

Maiah: This was one of my first collaborations, and it definitely won’t be my last!

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Wednesday, 20 June 2018




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