An "Infinity Beach" Two Stories ABOVE the Ocean?!

A perplexed furrow in my brow, I gazed out at the ocean, just beyond the road, and then up at the Renaissance Curaçao Resort & Casino.

“That’s not possible,” I replied. “How the heck can there be a beach up THERE if the ocean is down HERE?”

Eugene grinned cryptically. “Get in the elevator and see for yourself,” said he.

Ever the obedient tourist, I waved to my friend and trotted through the rainbow-splotched hotel lobby, directly into the upward chute.

As the elevator sped upwards, I pondered the second-story beach riddle. Was this mythical raised beach a slide from the second floor down to the sea? A tunnel? A sinkhole? A hologram? It didn’t make sense.

The silver doors slid open with a smug, “You’ll see,” and I strode down the hall.

“The beach is this way,” cooed signs on the walls. I followed their instructions, and exited the hotel back into the Caribbean sun, but this time, two stories up… and suddenly on a beach!

Sure enough, it looked just like, well… a beach. But there was something odd: Halfway to the horizon, there was a line where the azure water turned sapphire. This called for an investigation.

As I write, I am currently seeking another synonym for the fact that I began walking down the silvery wood boardwalk separating the two parts of the water. “Walking” is such a mundane word for the vacation elation I felt.

Let’s say I was “gliding”, shall we? I glid. It was all very graceful.

Despite the grace of my stride, I remained perplexed. To my left, the Caribbean blue water stretched along the sandy beach. There was not a strand of seaweed in sight, however. Not a single sea urchin to poke a toe.

Read the full story, originally published on December 9, 2017, on Around the World "L" Travel and Life blog.



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