A Guide to Curaçao, a Laid-Back Caribbean Island With Candy-Colored Houses

In the southern Caribbean, just 40 miles off the coast of Venezuela and 12 degrees north of the Equator, the 40-mile-long, 8-mile-wide island of Curaçao represents a lively amalgam of different cultures. Part of the Lesser Antilles, also known as the ABC Islands — Aruba is to the west, Bonaire to the east — Curaçao was once a booming trade hub for merchants in the Dutch West India Company. Drawn to the island’s abundance of salt and its enclosed natural harbor, Schottegat, they settled on Curaçao in the mid-17th century and led the West African slave trade from its capital port city of Willemstad. Following the abolition of slavery in the 19th century, Curaçao fell into ruin but was later revived, in the 20th century, during a boom in Venezuela’s oil trade; in 2010, the country was granted autonomy by the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles. Today, travelers stroll along...
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2018 CNSJF - Reaffirming its Economic Contribution to Curaçao

The 2018 Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival (CNSJF) was held during the U.S. Labor Day Weekend between August 30th and September 1st, 2018. The festival made a comeback after it was cancelled in 2017. The festival attracted 4,688 international attendees, which spent US$2,286 per trip per person, and US$343 per day per person. Spending per person per day was 10.3% higher when compared to the 2015 spending, which was US$311. The 2018 spending was a whopping 35% more than the 2014 spending per person per day (US$254). The festival attendees’ spending is twice as high as the typical tourist spending per day (US$171). The festival took place at its traditional venue, the Curaçao World Trade Center. The festival featured its customary super artist line-up, which included among others: Sting & Shaggy, Patti LaBelle, Jason Derulo, Grace Jones, Daddy Yankee, KC and The Sunshine Band, Carlos Vives to name a few....
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Inaugural Flight to Curaçao by Condor

Condor’s inaugural flight from Frankfurt, Germany to Curaçao was celebrated at the Curaçao International Airport with an event that included speeches by the Minister of Governmental Affairs, Planning and Public Service Mr. Konket representing the Minister of Economic Development, Minister of Traffic, Transport and Urban Planning Mrs. Jesus-Leito, representative of Condor, Captain Fabian Andre, Director of Air Service, Marketing, and Tourism of the Curaçao Airport Partners Ms. Peggy Croes and CEO of the Curaçao Hospitality & Tourism Association Mr. Miles Mercera. Starting on November 7, Condor will begin operations on the island of Curaçao, expanding its international connection in the Caribbean. The operations will originate from Frankfurt, Germany and will be realized with a Boeing 767-300. The nonstop flight will be operated every Wednesday during the winter season. Weekly flight frequency and flight information: Route Day Departure FRA Arrival CUR ...
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CTB supports Curaçao’s MLB Elite Baseball Program

WILLEMSTAD- November 6, 2018 – The Minister of Economic Development, Dr. Steven Martina, and the Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) recently had an enjoyable meeting with the youths participating in Curaçao’s MLB (Major League Baseball) Elite Program. The program is guided by both international and local coaches. During the meeting, Minister Martina strongly underscored studying and discipline as key factors, both on the field and in your personal life. The youths enrolled in the program are prospects who can catch the attention of international scouts. Sports, and especially major-league baseball, are a main vehicle used by the CTB in marketing our island in the US market. As reported in July, the CTB has signed a contract with the MLB and is working with local major-league players, for example the campaign launched early this year with our own Didi Gregorius. The CTB supports the Curaçao MLB Elite project. These young players can...
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