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In 2006 I co-sponsored, and co organized the APF (African Parks Foundation), cataloging and research expedition; co-financed by the Cousteau Society. With an international team of scientists and volunteers from renowned international and local organizations. On the 3 week (580 KM) expedition, I acted as the dive officer, overviewing marine operatio

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While a return to Sudan was brewing in me since several years, personal constraints, just made it impossible; until Covid19. It not only gave me the time to review my priorities in life, but also my career...

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"The Sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in it's net of wonder forever."

Never before and since (with exception of BBC2's - Blue Planet's Sir David Attenborough) has one man been so influential as the late Commandant Cousteau in taking us onto his exploration voyages around the Sea's and Oceans of the world. He has shown the intricate secrets of the Oceans to millions, if not billions and still does till today.

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