An Ocean Story

To ocean roam[ rohm ]
noun an act or instance of ocean roaming; drifting, a ramble.
"To roam the vastness of the Oceans."
"Come and roam with me, to the atolls of Sudan's Red Sea, where the Ocean Roamers and I, will wait for thee."

Our mandate is set, tri-party MOU signed for Sudan M.P.A

SUDIA Caretaker of Sudan M.P.A

On the 23rd of December, a landmark tri-party agreement was signed, between SUDIA (Official Care taker of the Marine Protected Area's of Sudan), under the leadership of Mr. Abdel Rahman el Mahdi, the IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS - OCEANROAMERS represented by THEOCEANROAMER. This agreement gives my colleague volunteers and I, not only the official mandate for our OPERATION RED SEA '21, but also a strong partnership, and the legal infrastructure we needed locally. 

My relationship with Abdel Rahman goes way back to 2006, while I was working in the Sudan; developing a tourist project, but also consulting for the marine parks. 

While ARM and his organization SUDIA, where at the time focused on social development in Sudan, I managed to convince, and introduce him to protection of the marine resources. 

A mission he took on very seriously, and in my absence he continued this mission of protection of the Sudan Red Sea M.P.A's (Marine Protected Area's). Since then he runs various programs in cooperation with the Red Sea University, the Sudan Wildlife Department; and one of his biggest achievements was ensuring that Sudan's M.P.A's were added to the UNESCO World heritage sites.

I am proud, happy and thankful for the friendship, and the welcome I have received when I decided last summer on my return to Sudan. We are intent on revolutionizing marine protection in the Red Sea; and lead by example, for the benefit of it's coastal communities. Great things await us, it will not be easy, but my commitment is unequivocal.
As per my mission statement, our volunteers and myself are committed to assist, SUDIA with our marine skills

Founded in 1996, SUDIA is working for peace, development, and good governance in Sudan. The organization works with a broad cross-section of actors and stakeholders implementing programs and providing services that center around peacebuilding and community development security, natural resource management and environmental conservation, democracy, and human rights promotion.
SUDIA programming on natural resource management and environmental conservation targets Sudan's national parks where the organization work to raise awareness and knowledge around biodiversity and the protection of species and their habitats. SUDIA approach to conservation emphasizes developing initiatives where livelihoods of local community's and development are interlinked with protecting and conserving unique environments.

Founded in 2003, in the Netherlands. TOR (OCEANROAMERS - THEOCEANROAMER) is a Consulting – Survey and Management company. Providing services to a variety of marine tourism-based companies, it also provides marine operational services for ship management, marine operations, surveys and inspections, light commercial works. Its subsidiary brand Dive the Web Creations provides web architecture, web development and server management services. But also, online marketing, and search engine optimization services.

The International Association of Dive Professionals is a not-for-profit network of professionals since 2007, and functions as a union/association of professional divers, intent on quality, professionalism and the safeguarding of our diving heritage, the underwater fauna, and flora. IADP - DIVE PROFESSIONALS and it's marine conservation department GOBLU3, is a not for profit organization in formation and is supported by a team of 20+ dedicated idealist volunteers.

More on the upcoming projects in Sudan, check #OPREDSEA21

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