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From the Red Sea to the Caribbean (ep.1 prologue)

From the Red Sea to the Caribbean (ep.1 prologue)
After a pretty disastrous last week for my family, my close friends and obviously myself; which included lawyers, connections, exhaustion, stress; an overnight in an overcrowded cell of 12 sq M, with 35 other men (don't ask, just don't ask ;) ) a soft deportation, a 3 night return trip of 3000Km from El Gouna to Cairo, Amman (Jordan), Cairo, back to El Gouna.

(with obviously some meetings along the way - you gotta stay productive).

All in all I returned pretty exhausted, upwards of 20,000 EGP lighter, an experience heavier.
This all because some idiot had given me the wrong info last year with regards to immigration/security/Visa rules.
Shoekran ya basha!

Anyway…, all well, everything got sorted; thanks largely to my dearest N. & Tribe
After all that and the few subsequent days of depression
(The news and the latest horrors do ruin my moods totally)

Back to work and the 'plan'... : Mi Ta Bai Kas Swa, conio non ta hode! Korsow mi ta bai!

So first batch of curriculum vitae are out the door...if you're interested in my skill-set let me know, so I can send you my resume.
Still lot's of 'small' hurdles between me and sipping pina colada's with my love N, under a plam tree while overlooking the beach of the Curacao Sea Aquarium.
But nothing hard work and dedication cannot solve.

I am taking some work with me, but will need more more more! ;)

I would love to dive, drive boats, work underwater/above or near the water, create underwater coral gardens, share my knowledge and experience with other professionals; and would rather leave intellectual and mind consuming jobs aside.
I need to find #passion again, and there's only one place I know for that... 'Ze Ocean!'.

Paperwork to do: I need to re-issue my Curacao commercial captain's papers (I have never been inactive more than 2 years), I will be updating & renewing my NAUI Course Director status. (thanks to my colleagues and friends the Lucas family from NAUI Europe (Well appreciated Richard!))
Here some shameless advertising: Anyone want to organize a NAUI Instructor Training let me know ;)

ahhh need to brush up my papiamentu swa.

Last but not least : obviously as you guessed it; I have started blogging… lol (yep totally new at this)
Why would I do that? Not because I am an attention seeker believe me.
No It's more because I have decided to dedicate part of my time to the betterment of the diving industry or the communities I live in, and particularly shores and seas in my area.
This is what they call in Dutch 'Sociaal Ondernemen' (trsl. Social Entrepreneurship)
I decided this (subconsciously I think) a long time ago while I was living in a tent on the Red Sea - shorelines of the Sudan.
I think it was the presence with the Beja's and Sudanese, or the fact that I was operating in 'Virgin Red Sea' territories, pretty much cut off from the rest of the world.

Long story short, I will continue not for profit program/project developments (people depend on my word, and I have to match their input), strive for art & coral reef scaping projects during my spare time and I will sincerely need your constructive advice, support and guidance in this. I hope I can count on you, and that together we can inspire change.

So thanks for following my continuing saga, liking and or sharing my page.
By doing so you well help the Ocean environment, the future dive professional, and seaside communities.
More soon…

P.S: thanks to all who answered my call!
P.P.S: Egypt don't be jealous, it's just that I need a break, I think we both need to heal and take some distance from our relationship to reevaluate our position. It's not about you, it's me... So yeah I'll be back, just need an extensive break that's it. #LOL

#MiTaBaiKas #DeBelgBack2Korsow #strategicrelocation

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