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One thing I have understood from all these years at Sea, and seeing my workplace the underwater habitat and red sea eco-systems disappearing before my eyes in just mere decades is that everything is going faster and faster, we cannot deny the facts anymore.
To quote my most revered colleague aquanaut Dr.Sylvia Earle:

"No Blue - No Green", and I would add vice-versa. Yin/Yang ladies and gentlemen, parents and kids.
We need to seek balance!

I strongly believe in two things which our logo expresses: YIN/YANG - NO BLUE/NO GREEN

We need to find a balance between usage of natural resources and human development. 

In our current society we cannot expect conservation without income, as resources are dwindling to an ever increasing crescendo; the need for tourism supported projects supporting the environment is needed.

We are non-profit movement designed at reviewing each and every beach location, and actively restore the shallow area's of The Red Sea, support and develop coral restoration projects, ultimately creating an economically and environmentally sustainable customized solution for the entire area, it's community, it's tourist attractions.

This blog will record our developments and upcoming community projects, and environmental news

For the love of The Red Sea.

We cannot change the past, but we can always change the future; we need to change and the change is long overdue. The impacts on the environment since the industrial revolutions will take decades, and centuries to be restored; at this very point in time, we are leaving earth to our children in the worst possible shape.

Our children deserve better, let's do this!

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