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Our current non profit, and commercial projects. #socialentrepreneur
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Although I have always been active as a volunteer, in conservation efforts around the world; more specifically in the Red Sea. It is in 2005, that I really started realizing traditional conservation efforts are failing. Having witnessed first hand the destructive effects of global warming, tourism impact; but more importantly I realized the failure was systemic. So the system needed to be reviewed in it's entirety. Enter GOBLU3

In an era of climate change impact, corporate takeover of business and ethics. The International Association of Dive Professionals aims to unite, create a positive impact on the environment and restore balance. Ultimately aiming for recognition of trade, participation in the decision making and creating a safe, long term profitable and safe environment for it's members, regardless of which sector they are operating in.

The Red Sea Sinai's, oldest and only high quality, watersports wear brand. With it's humble beginning in the early 90's Boys and Babes from the Blue, capitalizes on quality, functionality and durability. All cotton garments, are made from the highest quality, Egyptian cotton.