With a combined total of 17 project creations, and locations worldwide, THEOCEANROAMER combines his 360 expertise, and applies an allround winning strategy/concept; together with his OCEANROAMERS colleagues all over the world, each experts in their own fields of expertise.

"When beholding the tranquil beauty and the brilliancy of the Ocean's skin. One forgets the tiger heart that pants beneath and would not willingly remember; that this velvet paw, but conceals a remorseless fang. (H.Melville)"

"An Impeccable Safety Record Since 1988 - That's what counts!"

Under the brand name Dive The Web Creations, our subsidiary takes care of our online and offline web presence. 

"In the creation of a garden, the architect invites the partnership of the kingdom of nature. In a beautiful garden the majesty of nature is ever present."

Because of the wide scope of different projects under our management, we have the unique ability to combine various talents and expertise tailored to your needs. 

We provide consulting, management, water sports and beach front management for hotel management & owning companies. Import & Distribution of diving and water sports related equipment. Ship, expeditionary management and logistics. Reef Restoration & Underwater Sea-scaping, Search, Salvage & rescue operations.

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Environmental Awareness and proper natural resources management: Guests expect it and nature requires it for long term sustainability.

You have to carefully treat resources, optimize operating costs, and take socio-cultural aspects into consideration - not only during construction, as our project team already implements during the planning phase, but also in the operative implementation.

In addition to detailed sustainability advice, a certification also provides transparency and safety.The hotel, marine and tourism industries are among the most dynamic economic sectors and the industry is experiencing continuous change. As more and more destinations, hotels and their "House Reefs" are impacted by over-exploitation, the need for a new vision and adaptation is felt everywhere. In an ever more complex world, it is by no means becoming easier to solve problems, which hinder ones ability to think and act.

As a result, the need for people who approach problems and solutions with creativity, innovation and experience, is now more pronounced than ever. OCEANROAMERS and it's partners rely on a competent, international team of experts, specialized in the consulting, development and realization of projects in the international tourism and marine industry.

With our experience in the implementation of innovative projects, we prepare your operation and natural environment for the future, and support you in the best way possible. Because of the wide scope of different projects under our management, we have the unique ability to combine various talents and expertise tailored to your needs and your location.

Creating concepts that are not only economically sustainable, but more importantly bringing a positive environmental impact.

As a tourism - marine company, profit comes from numerous realized projects, continuous market observations and excellent international contacts.