Internationally recognized, qualitative marine science hub; where environmentalism, technology, science and marine skills education, foster sustainable development, in the Red Sea state.
Developing internationally recognized, marine science & skills development curriculums. Provide a modern infrastructure, and fostering international cooperation, with universities, NGO's, go's active in research, sustainable development and conservation. Spearheading experimental research in the fields of sustainable development, fisheries, energy, erosion, water treatment, biosphere restoration.

Location: Port Sudan | Sudan
Priority: High
Development: TheOceanRoamer
Management: Red Sea University | OCEANROAMERS
Partner(s): IADP | GOBLU3

The Red Sea University's, Faculty of Marine Sciences & Fisheries; is the pillar of marine education, and scientific research in the wider region. Underfunded over the last 3 decades the facilities are in disrepair. The members of the faculty, do their utmost best, to make ends meet; however international support is direly needed, in the form of consulting, coaching, management, last but not least financial help.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire."

The faculty has an enormous potential, with your help to become a world leader in marine education, and scientific research, on the frontlines of Ocean warming.

After recently signing, a cooperation agreement with the Red Sea University's, faculty of Marine Sciences & Fisheries. The following concept, development and road map was approved; after a thorough investigation by OCEANROAMERS, which included on the premises research, and many meetings with the executives of the faculty. With our network of partners, and volunteers, we are coordinating fundraising campaigns, oversee on the premise implementation, and provide continuous coaching of these funded projects, in a transparent manner.

Classification: Marine Education & Experimental Research
Type: Education | Scientific Research
Current Status: P1 Essentials
"Show you Care, Recommend and Share."


3 programs developed by TheOceanRoamer, that are making history. With decades of nurturing, they migrated from virtual idea's to reality.
With a large fan following, the IADP and it's environmental arm GOBLU3, are making waves this year, for professional divers worldwide. But we also lead by example, spearheading marine conservation efforts in Sudan, with #OPREDSEA.


The International Association of Dive Professionals, a non profit in formation. Working for the benefit of professional divers worldwide.



Empower the Dive Industry professionals, to partake in a green-blue revolution, by offering them the necessary training programs; to enforce direct action.



Sustainably develop, and protect the Sudanese Red Sea Marine resources for the benefit of nature and it's coastal communities.