The shift towards Social Entrepreneurship, emerged gradually; but saw its inception after our first projects in Sudan (2005). When faced with the reality of truth, and witnessing first hand the impacts, we have as marine tourism entrepreneurs on the Oceans. Over the years, as our idealism and concern for the aquatic environment grew; the resources and devotion to our ideals, also grew proportionately. 2022... the transformation to social entrepreneurship is now complete, with the implementation of #OPREDSEA.

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"Restoring balance to coastal, and Ocean biospheres, promoting new sustainable ways of interaction with the Oceans. Empowering professional divers, to coordinate and lead in Ocean Sustainability."

Development: TheOceanRoamer
Partner(s): IADP

Turning back to the sea means getting more people excited about what our coastal regions have to offer, and growing a new generation of innovative coastal and marine businesses. GOBLU3 puts people in control so they can shape local priorities, value their greatest assets, and vitalize their shorelines.

"Somewhere along the way, we lost something very important. Our belief in the Sea, as a source of prosperity."

Classification: Sustainable Management of Marine Resources
Type: Non Profit Project
Current Status: P1 Development