Do you need help with:

Networking and improving your job prospects, finding diving jobs?

New technologies & regulations, a direct line to diving and/or scuba related; decision making?

Professional scuba/dive advice and recognition, legal defense and support?

An environmental cause, governmental lobbying or a diving project?


The International Association of Dive Professionals in short I.A.D.P, is a Not for Profit Project. Where the democratically elected members of the board, represent the interests of their respective segments in the diving industry. One of our missions is consolidating the professional diving industry under one umbrella. Creating an exchange panel between the different segments, aiming to professionalize the industry. Create a long term,economically and ecologically sustainable future for all the segments of the Scuba Industry and the Environments we work in. Enforcing an internationally recognized quality label and assurance of standards for the Scuba Diving Industry. 

Last but not least providing valuable services to its members and to the diving industry in general. In the form of free legal advice, free business education seminars and an internationally-recognized quality branding.

Our main aims and concerns are to provide support for professionals of all the different segments of the scuba industry.From certification agencies, manufacturers, travel operators, N.G.O's and G.O's to the independent consultant/instructor, the administrative or support crew, aquarium divers, and serious divers alike!

The IADP Project aims to unite dive professionals worldwide, from any background or segment within the diving industry.

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