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The foundation of this initiative is based on the fact that in the world of today, nature attracts tourism, tourism in itself is a damaging force towards the environment; the more beauty the more tourism.

A cycle that usually ends up in favor of beach side developers and a loss in natural resource.
The following statement may sound weird, but when the tipping point has been trespassed, responsible Eco-tourism is the only force able to protect the fragile Red Sea Eco system.

It is necessary to have a critical look at The Red Sea, understanding the many dangers and threats to the Eco-system. This narrow basin is very much shared by Oil & Gas, Tourism, Fishing and Shipping industries... what is important is who we are going to deal with the threats of the future of globalism, development and climate change will irrevocably bring.

Responsible Eco tourism also needs a supportive well informed community, to help guide and protect its natural reserves.

The Red Sea is in dire need of tourists to help support the environmental protection it needs, but we believe it also needs direct TLC regardless of the dire economic times.

The Red Sea needs to re-evaluate itself; and use this period of tourism depression to prepare it's natural resources for optimum life span, and return of investment.

The Go Blue Initiative is not just about mindless protection, writing laws and never ending complaints about governmental and non-governmental agencies.
The Go Blue initiative is about LEARNING - DISCOVERING - PROTECTING TOGETHER, not just in words but in deeds.

Go Blue centers on the following:

  1. Community: Go Blue believes the community to be the central key to successful environmental protection, through the OC3AN-CLUB our online platform we centralize our love for the Oceans. By providing project management services, Go Blue supports community actions and projects led by a team of dedicated local volunteer coordinators. Achieving optimum community involvement and exposure. Go Blue consolidates all stakeholders in a community and rallies them to join forces for a better future. 
  2. Education: Go Blue also offers different educational programs for school kids, and adults alike adapted to nurture community involvement and the expansion of education. Go Blue networks and shares information with a multitude of partners and organizations worldwide, so as to achieve, and upkeep an optimal level of training and education.
    Furthermore extending it's training to different training organizations and online educational programs aimed at sharing the knowledge, and experience gathered to it's many colleagues worldwide.
    Because Sharing is Caring.
  3. Economy: Creating a long term economic sustainability with a 'positive footprint' is the foundation of a sound economy based on natural resources, for every reef felled, two need to be planted.
    The circle of capital income, investment and expenditures is not just depending on donations and goodwill, but is anchored within a reasonable business structure for optimum longevity, and sustainability.
    By combining Art, Sports, Sea Scaping, farming and other financial opportunities Go Blue spearheads a new way of looking at the economy of environmental sustainability.
  4. Environment: Never loosing touch with the environment Go Blue goes beyond addressing current problems and prepares for the future, taking a pro-active role in protection by planting reef gardens, restoring fish species, restoring Eco balances and addressing problems at their core; by providing alternative solutions that work.
    Go Blue Initiative is a multifaceted socio-economic environmental community project developed entirely by OCEANROAMERS. 
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