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NAUI North Africa closed

Although I personally will continue using NAUI as my vessel of conveying education to my students, being an NAUI Representative for North Africa in these times of uncertainty worldwide and in the area, a major inflation, and an impoverished market; was just not sustainable.

Both NAUI and I agree on 1 fact: representing a now unknown brand in the area needs capital investment with no good chance for ROI, and without strong support - no Win Win.

With imports stalled since more than 1/2 year... what's the point? Memberships have increased 3 fold since the devaluation of the pound...

I apologize to the people we are letting down, and who would have gladly seen NAUI gain a foothold again in the Area, what can say: It is up to you to take the step ladies and gentlemen. It is you who teach, it is your decision what you decide to teach and the level of quality you disseminate.

I will most probably organize a NAUI training in collaboration with my esteemed NAUI mentor Nick den Toom, more on this in a few weeks.

As simply as I can put it:

"No one is interested in quality education, it's all about the pricing and the quick delivery... Therefore I leave the playground of education to these commercial companies out there; who are willingly fighting it out for supremacy in The Red Sea. I'll wait it out and when I see one quality contender left... who knows.

My commitment to bringing quality education in whatever concepts I do will include NAUI among other quality training organizations, but most importantly will be based on experienced, passionate, quality driven teachers." H.Hemmerechts


On a personal note:

Today as a dive professional, it's either choosing between quality education, run by non-profit associations (with no sense of business), or the hyper commercial mac-donalds and burger kings who will sell you a franchise, where everything is well organized for your business; but the education is just as healthy as the mentioned fast food chains; you just know it's not healthy ... but it just tastes, looks so good, and the service: hyper quick.

So who you gonna call?

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Arnold Weisz
Communication Spesialist / Editor in Chief

Arnold Weisz Communication Spesialist / Editor in Chief

Henri is a visionary who dives into projects with unequaled optimism. His wide-ranging knowledge of the scuba diving industry makes him not only a great initiator, but also the driving force of the IADP.

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Ron Marel</br>
Owner at Diving Adelaide

Ron Marel
Owner at Diving Adelaide

I asked Henri for help regarding the collection of data I needed for writing my Master's thesis. He was one of the few that provided me with the data I needed. Furthermore he gave me useful advice and information needed to write other parts of my thesis.

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Gert Jan Gast</br>
General Manager at Mundo Trading

Gert Jan Gast
General Manager at Mundo Trading

Henri is a very experienced diver, instructor and organizer. He is strongly dedicated to the protection of underwater nature. With him on your team you include the bonus of creative solution finding to get the job done.

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