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Buffalo's Underwater Recovery Team: What does it do?

Black water. Raging water. Ice-covered water. The city's rivers and lake can be at their worst when Buffalo's Underwater Recovery Team is called into action. On alert 24 hours a day, the team is one of the busiest special squads in the Police Department and can be called upon to investigate drownings, help with boats in distress or search for lost evidence. "It's not for the faint at heart," said Capt. Fredric Foels of the City of Tonawanda Police Department. "Look at the conditions they're dealing with out there, and who knows what the visibility is like." When you talk to Foels and others familiar with underwater recovery teams, you're certain to hear about the risks they face every time they enter the water. Foels says it's not uncommon for those teams to encounter swift, dangerous conditions where the visibility is so bad, divers are required to "swim and feel."...
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TUSA joins the dive computer ‘Elite Fleet’ through Deepblu Connect

For nearly six decades, TUSA has been the cutting-edge standard-bearer for the region when it comes to scuba equipment. In addition, they were one of the first major international manufacturers on the global stage. Building on their success, they have further developed products for the snorkelling and swimming communities as well. “We are excited to support Deepblu Connect. Joining the Elite Fleet is another step in TUSA’s efforts to bring the generations of divers from around the world together, and share their experiences captured with TUSA dive computers,” said Kenichiro Tabata, President of Tabata Co. TUSA divers are known for their selectivity, and the company is always looking to provide great customer service for them. Both companies strive to provide quality, and this drive between discerning companies shows through the partnership. The TUSA DC Solar Link will now allow divers to seamlessly upload their dive logs to the Deepblu app...
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Andrea Doria claims life of British deep wreck diver

Steven Slater, a well-known face in deep wreck and technical diving circles, was exploring the deteriorating remains of the Andrea Doria, which became known as the ‘Everest of Wreck Diving’ after it sank in July 1956 following a collision with a Swedish liner Stockholm in thick fog. Lying in deep, dark and cold waters and often swept by currents, more than a dozen people have died diving on her. He was recovered from the water unconscious by the crew of the New Jersey dive charter boat Ol’ Salty II on Monday afternoon, and a US Coastguard helicopter was despatched to pick him up, but by the time it arrived they had been performing CPR for more than two hours, so they were unable to winch him aboard. The family of Slater issued a statement today: “It is with absolute sadness that we have to tell you that Steven died on Monday...
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This Canadian Lake Hides an Underwater Ghost Town

On the surface,  Lake Minnewanka in Alberta, looks like most other large bodies of water in Canada. Ringed by stands of evergreen trees and nestled near the eastern edge of what is today known as Banff National Park , the 13-mile-long lake has been a focal point within the park for years, drawing kayakers, hikers and bicyclists to its chilly, crystalline waters. But many visitors don't realize that the lake, as it appears today, is a modern addition to the natural landscape, and that the area, before it was flooded, was home to a bustling lakeside resort town that today can only be visited with scuba gear. Known as Minnewanka Landing , the summer village located at the base of the Canadian Rockies had lured city dwellers from nearby Calgary for years, most notably beginning in 1886 with the completion of the Beach House, a hotel constructed out of logs. Over the years the town grew...
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The Old Foes Choose Sides For The 36th The America S Cup

10:47 AM Thursday 19 Oct 2017 : New Zealand Impression of what the boat may look like Impression of what the boat may look like I am damn sick and tired of the story-go-round. What I mean is the re-hashing of old stories regurgitating old news to keep the Americas Cup in the headlines. It's not fake news, it's just re-hashed garbage, especially when supposed facts being referenced are not based on what was actually said at the RNZYS announcement. For those unfamiliar with my work, based on what was actually said at the announcement, check out my previous article: Monohulls - And They May Foil for the Next America's Cup The interesting story unfolding now, is how the other teams are reacting to the news on the new boat. The old foe, The New York Yacht Club have indicated they are back and I am glad to see them...
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15 March 2017
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12 April 2017
March 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM Researchers have created a new model for predicting decompression sickness after deep-sea dives that not only estimates the risk, but how severe the symptoms are likely to b...
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