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“Living” Chandelier Made with Algae-Filled Leaves Naturally Purifies the Air

Design engineer and biotechnologist Julian Melchiorri —who first gained attention by creating the first synthetic biological leaf —recently came up with an ingenious lighting design that is as beautiful as it is eco-friendly. His “living” chandelier Exhale, purifies air while lighting up your room and was on display at the V&A Museum during the London Design Festival . The green lighting piece is composed of 70 glass leaves filled with green algae, which absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The transparent liquid filters through light, giving off a warm glow. While green design is often based on clean lines and ultra-modern styles, Melchiorri's chandelier is a sophisticated lighting piece that proves eco-friendly concepts can come in a myriad of styles. The elegant chandelier is modular, which means that its leaves can be configured into different forms depending on necessity. It's also functional for both indoor and outdoor use, according to where...
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Design Forum: The Fever Is The Prescription

Word around town is that people love–I mean love–Channel Island’s semi-new Fever model. Crafted and designed by Mike Andrews for San Clemente’s Pat Gudauskas, the Fever has become a staple board for guys like Pat, Sage Erickson, Lakey Peterson, Eithan Osborne, Conner Coffin and more. One of the principal reasons it’s become such a loveable stick is found in its versatility, its capacity to perform in a variety of conditions. Pat’s gone to town on the Fever in everything from pumping Lowers to draining Skeleton Bay. You might even recall this edit , where Pat is seen packing tube after tube on his beloved Fever. With the board’s growing, widespread approval, we figured it’s time for an analytical breakdown of Andrews’ design. Here’s was Pat had to say about the Fever on the CI website: Overview: The Fever was born from a desire for an all-around performance board based on...
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An Underwater Photographer’s Guide to DEMA 2017

Orlando is known as “The City of Beautiful.” And this central Floridian city will be especially stunning in a little over a week when all the greatest underwater imaging people gear rolls into town for DEMA 2017. The annual trade show held by the Diving Equipment & Marketing Association is the largest gathering in the industry. Nearly 10,000 attendees get up to date with hot new trends in travel, meet scuba celebs, and attend parties (though there’s only one that matters). There’s a lot going on at the show. And if you’re an avid DPG reader, then what matters most is likely all things underwater imaging. Fortunately, we’ve put together this handy “Underwater Photographer’s Guide to DEMA 2017,” which is designed to help maximize your experience in Orlando. Of course, make sure to note the details for this year’s DPG-Wetpixel Underwater Imaging Party . Not going to make it to...
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Movie review: “Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton” looks at the life and work ethic of a surfing star

Two stars. Unrated.  118 minutes. By Kristen Page-Kirby, The Washington Post It takes a lot of work to be a surf bum. “Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton,” the latest documentary from Rory Kennedy (“Last Days in Vietnam”), is partly the life story of Hamilton, widely considered the world’s best big-wave surfer, and partly a study in obsession. Kennedy bounces back and forth between times in Hamilton’s life: his unconventional upbringing on Oahu, his surfing career and into his startlingly ordinary (and very wealthy) family life with volleyball player Gabrielle Reece and their daughters. What ties all the time-hopping together is Hamilton’s drive to push against every limit the ocean puts in front of him. While the nonlinear structure gives a good sense of Hamilton’s journey from counterculture to mainstream culture, it also means that “Take Every Wave” lacks narrative focus. Kennedy is skilled at interweaving home movies...
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Kirby Morgan announces it is discontinuing legendary product.

Kirby Morgan Dive Systems announced  that they are halting production of the EXO-BR mask effective immediately.   What does this mean for EXO-BR Owners?  EXO parts are also being discontinued and the inventory of parts is limited to what is currently in stock. Authorized Kirby Morgan Repair Facilities are still able to perform service on the masks, however parts are limited. Products Affected (Discontinued): Part        Number Description  300-036 EXO-BR Mask, No Communications  300-037 EXO-BR with Communications Posts  300-038 EXO-BR with Communications, MWP To discontinue the EXO-BR Mask was purely a business decision. It was not based on quality, performance, or any safety factors whatsoever involving the EXO-BR Mask. Discontinuation of the mask was based on the fact that the tooling is very worn and out of date. Unfortunately, it is no longer cost effective to keep the tooling in working condition. The EXO-BR manual and technical support will...
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15 March 2017
I can just see Cousteau the father of diving turning in the grave. After the disastrous management of the Calypso by the late captain's last wife, now the last bastion of Cousteau's legacy Aqualung ha...
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23 February 2017
After the 20th shark attack off Reunion Island since 2011 occurred earlier this week, the world’s greatest surfer made a comment that “there needs to be a serious cull on Reunion and it should happen...
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23 May 2017
A Red Sea diving liveaboard had to be evacuated on Saturday, 13 May after what appeared to be a galley fire broke out. According to one of the 23 guests, who were left with few possessions between th...
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19 May 2017
PADI CEO Releases Statement on New Owners Story brought to you by DIVEMAGAZINE The Professional Association of Dive Instructors (PADI) was sold in March this year to a private consortium known only a...
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19 May 2017
We take a look at the best diving movies of all time, from thrilling underwater epics to Hollywood blockbusters featuring incredible subaquatic scenes. The underwater realm struggles t...
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12 April 2017
March 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM Researchers have created a new model for predicting decompression sickness after deep-sea dives that not only estimates the risk, but how severe the symptoms are likely to b...
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