These Insane Photos Show Alligators Stuck in Frozen Swamps Surviving The Winter

Come in, the water's just fine! Okay, you won't be hearing any alligators saying that, but as these amazing images show, these restricted reptiles are taking the cold snap in their stride – even if their swampy home has transformed into a glittering prison of ice.   Like snorkelers who picked a particularly bad time to take a dip, these alligators at Shallotte River Swamp Park in North Carolina are trapped in frozen waters – and in these hostile, icy conditions, an ancient survival mechanism is kicking in. Ordinarily, these alligators would be spending their time sun-bathing or resting along the bottom of their swamp, but in a video captured by staff at the Swamp Park, we can see the animals adopting a very different pose on account of the punishing cold spell currently blasting the US . (Swamp Park/YouTube) What they're doing is called brumation , which is similar...
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