‘Fishpeople’ tells stories of lives affected by the sea

‘Fishpeople’ tells stories of lives affected by the sea
A new documentary by Santa Barbara filmmaker Keith Malloy, tells the stories of six people who have dedicated their lives to the ocean in different ways. Among them are a spear fisherman in Hawaii, a former coal miner in Australia and a youth worker in San Francisco. Presented by Ventura-based outdoor retailer Patagonia, “Fishpeople,” screens at Patagonia headquarters on Thursday, April 20th and in Santa Barbara at the Sandbox on Friday, April 21st . KCRW’s Jonathan Bastian spoke with Malloy about why he chose to make this film. Clockwise from top left: Dave Rastovich (surfer), Kimi Werner (spearfisher), Matahi Drollet (surfer/fisherman), Lynne Cox (open-water swimmer), Eddie Donnellan (youth worker), Ray Collins (photographer). KCRW: You and your brothers are surfers as well as filmmakers. You could have made a surf film. Why go this route? Keith Malloy: The ocean has affected me in such a positive way, and part of it’s surfing...
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