Study Says Some Men Avoid Being Eco-Friendly Because It Looks 'Less Manly'

It's no secret we all need to pull together to help ease pressures on the environment, but there could be a compelling psychological basis for why many of us aren't doing everything we should to help save the planet .   A recent report based on seven studies involving a total of more than 2,000 subjects found that both men and women associated eco-friendly behaviours and products with being feminine – which scientists say could contribute to men not embracing environmentally conscious conduct, for fear of it undermining their manliness. "Previous research shows that men tend to be more concerned about maintaining a masculine identity than women are with their feminine identity," says consumer psychologist James Wilkie from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. "We therefore thought that men might be more open to environmental products if we made them feel secure in their masculinity, so they are less...
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