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Man-made reefs reduce damage of divers on natural coral reefs

A FISH SWIMS along Tamar, an artificial reef created by Ben-Gurion University, in Eilat.. (photo credit:KEREN LEVY) Artificial reefs reduce the damage of divers on natural coral reefs, according to a new Ben-Gurion University of the Negev study just published in the Journal of Environmental Management. Visitors and divers are known to have an economic interest in protecting the coral on the one hand, but also as intruders who harm them unintentionally. The study, led by Dr. Yaniv Belachsan of the department of hotel management and tourism at BGU’s Eilat campus, together with student Megan Rousseau of South Africa and marine biologist Prof. Nadav Shashar, examined the extent of diving in Eilat and the behavior of divers in natural and artificial sites. They found that about a third of Eilat diving is done on artificial reefs and one of the ships that was installed as a diving site is one...
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