Coral-killing chemical still appears in many sunscreen formulas

Coral reefs the world over are increasingly under threat. Scientists say rising sea temperatures, ocean acidification, and even a chemical commonly found in sunscreen are contributing to the decline in reef health. How are our reefs holding up? An abundance of sunshine draws vacationers to Cayman’s shores like moths to a flame, and to protect themselves from the sweltering Cayman sun. Many slather themselves with a product that could contain a chemical proven deadly to corals – oxybenzone. “If it does have oxybenzone, then it is confirmed to have an impact on the coral reef creatures, and yeah, literally it does kill them at very very low levels,” said DOE Deputy Director Tim Austin. He said research published almost a decade ago first identified oxybenzone as a coral killer. “The awareness that has come up as a result of the scientific research has sunk in to the industry, a lot of...
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The Value of Coral Reefs

Coral reefs are valuable because they protect tropical shorelines from damage by storm waves. A recent World Bank study suggests that each square meter of coral reef in the Caribbean protects $ 47,000 in property.Coral reefs provide hundreds of thousands of people with income and food from fishing. A coral reef in prime condition can produce over 2...
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