GOBLU3 Pillar 1: Restoring balance to the Ocean Eco-system

GOBLU3 Pillar 1: Restoring balance to the Ocean Eco-system

Since many years, I have been looking into the true sense of conservation of an Ocean area; and came to the obvious conclusion that the once in so often little beach or reef cleanup's will not hack it (it's a start and make up a necessary part of conservation, but generally speaking I call it eye candy). The underwater environments the day of today are subjected to a multitude of human made aggression. Be it global warming, shipping lanes, tourism development, the underwater environment is fighting a losing battle that can only be won, if man chooses to fight for the right camp.

Last year I was able to start presenting the solution to tourism environments by introducing the GOBLU3 initiatives. These initiatives are tailor made to each marine environment. The foundation is to be realistic, and honest about the impacts; but more importantly be willing to support a change.

GOBLU3 takes a critical look at all factors, and problems and the end result needs to be a balance between ecological sustainability and economics. The economics part is a necessary factor in the long term sustainability if the area in question is already developed. Money brings conservation, a healthy biosphere brings attractions.

A few weeks ago I came across the following video which depicts the re-introduction of wolves into Yellowstone Park. This video (watch it below) is a perfect example of how important the re-introduction of one predator can be to the ecological balance.
After 30+ years in, above and underwater, I can tell you that the underwater world has it's own wolves, geese, pollinators, trees and flowers. You just have to be there long enough to truly understand the roles of sharks, barracuda's, parrot-fishes, corals and sponges. They all take part in the circle of life and each has an important role to fill.

Many areas are now devoid of their predators, like sharks, barracuda's, snappers, etc... Conservation professionals therefore always say: you got sharks (the top apex predator) then you got a healthy reef system.

Pillar 1 of GOING BLU3 is restoring the predators that are missing.
Watch the video, and if you are interested in the subject don't hesitate to comment below.
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Sunday, 21 January 2018