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No seriously some might look at these stories as rants; but we all know in fact they are not. Because sometimes screaming F#$%k from the top of your lungs can be therapeutic. 

Artist Depicts Black Female Nudes as Ancient Egyptian Goddesses | The Creators Project

Antwaun Sargent — Mar 29 2016 This article contains adult content.  Joshua Sessoms, Bastet, 2015, Pastel, Colored Pencil and Charcoal, 14x17. All images courtesy of the artist. Over the last two years, artist  Joshua Sessoms has developed a drawing practice that focuses on blending Ancient Egyptian symbolism with contemporary portraits. Sessoms has turned to history to create images that present what he sees as addressing the deficiency of diverse images in a Eurocentric visual culture. Sessoms’s collection of drawings, Ritual Spirit, presents contemporary representations of black women laced with religious iconography dating back to the Second Dynasty. “I’ve always been interested in ancient history because it speaks to where we are as a people and culture,” explains Sessoms to The Creators Project. He says, “What I wanted to do is try to keep the [ancient] culture alive by relating it to current times.” Sessoms sees his...
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