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5 Applications of Big Data in Social Media Marketing

The use of big data in social media can be a game changer if you have the ability to design consumer preferences that will attract clients and lead to sales. There are several ways you can apply big data in social media to achieve success.

Vision Recognition

When you use big data in social media to recognize images in the pictures, it can give assistance with generating custom classifiers. After uploading a photo, the application returns terms that represent the things it has found in the photo such as events or objects. You can train your app on specific image sets like logos for recognizing customized images in real-time. This method will help you as a marketer to detect customers that are posting on your social pages and prompt you to engage.

Personality Insights

Using big data in social media can help analyze personality attributes from posts like emails and social posts so that you can obtain the right insights about people. The users will uncover a deeper understanding of the people’s needs, characteristics, personalities, and values that drive personalization. Big data outputs can provide a profile with three personalities in the dimension of needs, values, and the five big traits that describe the way an individual engages with the world.

The Impact of Big Data on Social Media Marketing Strategies

Personality insights will help you as a marketer to capture a holistic understanding of the audience with the available demographic information and social media data. When you understand your customers, you have the ability to personalize interaction and then improve conversion.


Targeting your customers that are most likely to purchase your product can be another useful outcome through the use of big data. With the information you can test functional messages and adjust with plan if they are not working. You can also leverage the data to predict and test the likely reactions to specific consumer messages. Meaning, you can test the headlines with a small sample population then sending them to those people that have the likelihood of opening them. Then you can use click through and open rates to qualify the leads into the sales funnel.

To Increase Sales Revenue, Use Big Data, Social Selling and These 5 Insights


Another use of big data is to find right channel for your products. From there you can set the right supply changes and even change placement if necessary. There is a decline in the number of ads in the newspapers, and many of them are either going online or erecting a paywall to incorporate a free or paid online campaign. Determining the right move for placement can be done with the help of big data.


When you need the right insights of your product, it is advisable to use big data in social media. You will conduct a qualitative and quantitative online market research about your product. Video conferencing and online survey tools will focus on small groups and will carry out the surveys quickly. You will view social media mentions for your brand from consumers. You will review and analyze the data from your social assets like pages and blogs.

There is an increase in the consumers that are interacting with your brand locally via social channels. You need to use big data in social media to track analyze the behavior of your clients from social sites. Brand interaction with customers will open in minutes.

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