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Providing management & consulting services to the marine, diving and tourism industries since 2003.

"Tired of a shallow Existence,...Time for some depth in your Life. Because sometimes it is about doing the right thing, even if no one else will." THEOCEANROAMER

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GOBLU3 Initiatives

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We are non-profit movement designed at reviewing each and every beach location, and actively restore the shallow area's of The Red Sea. We support and develop coral restoration projects, encourage the introduction of reef zoning, promote and operate reintroduction of fish species; ultimately creating an economically and environmentally sustainable customized solution for the entire area, it's community, it's tourist attractions - ultimately The Red Sea!




15 March 2017
I can just see Cousteau the father of diving turning in the grave. After the disastrous management of the Calypso by the late captain's last wife, now the last bastion of Cousteau's legacy Aqualung ha...
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23 May 2017
A Red Sea diving liveaboard had to be evacuated on Saturday, 13 May after what appeared to be a galley fire broke out. According to one of the 23 guests, who were left with few possessions between th...
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12 April 2017
March 15, 2017 at 9:19 PM Researchers have created a new model for predicting decompression sickness after deep-sea dives that not only estimates the risk, but how severe the symptoms are likely to b...
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09 February 2017
Courtesy of Airbnb Some of the world's biggest hotel brands are coming up with plans that are sure to stun even the most seasoned of travelers.  First, they made villas that looked like they were flo...
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13 April 2017
If you’ve been reading the news, you are probably aware by now that various parts of the Philippines have been rocked by back-to-back earthquakes just recently. To be specific, reports tells us that ...
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25 February 2017
So much of the plastic we use is completely unnecessary; give up these items and you won't even miss them. Plastic is so pervasive in our lives that it can hard to understand just what a problem it p...
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