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BLU3 GOUNA presentation Rotary Club



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We like to call ourselves Marine - Tourism consultants and developers. But we are also called a management company.
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We simply love social media and connecting in real time with investors, partners, fans and followers of our work. Our motto is social entrepreneurship, based on our GOBLU3 philosophy.

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BLU3 GOUNA presentation Rotary Club

On the 20 th of December I presented for the second time the GO BLU3 initiative, and the BLU3 GOUNA project.

The presentation was well attended with over 30 participants including our hosts of the Rotary Club of Red Sea - El Gouna. The event lasted well over 2 hours, and was nicely debated by the audience.

Here's what Rotary had to say:

"Tonight we had great pleasure to welcome our guest speaker OceanRoamer Henri Hemmerechts who shared his initiative for a Blu3 Gouna.

The fascinating not for profit community fueled project was inspired and developed in Sudan, and the initiative began here in 2015.

We live in a community where everyone earns a living from the Red Sea that is being threatened from many different angles.
The project covered many ideas from coral nurseries, to creating accessible dive sites from land, and ways to deal with the silt in the lagoons.

Henri's complete presentation will soon be available to watch online and the link will be shared from our Facebook page.
Rotary Club of Red Sea - El Gouna looks forward to supporting the Blu3 Gouna project in the very near future."

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Arnold Weisz
Communication Spesialist / Editor in Chief

Arnold Weisz Communication Spesialist / Editor in Chief

Henri is a visionary who dives into projects with unequaled optimism. His wide-ranging knowledge of the scuba diving industry makes him not only a great initiator, but also the driving force of the IADP.

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Ron Marel</br>
Owner at Diving Adelaide

Ron Marel
Owner at Diving Adelaide

I asked Henri for help regarding the collection of data I needed for writing my Master's thesis. He was one of the few that provided me with the data I needed. Furthermore he gave me useful advice and information needed to write other parts of my thesis.

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Gert Jan Gast</br>
General Manager at Mundo Trading

Gert Jan Gast
General Manager at Mundo Trading

Henri is a very experienced diver, instructor and organizer. He is strongly dedicated to the protection of underwater nature. With him on your team you include the bonus of creative solution finding to get the job done.

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